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Nov 16, 2012 6:00pm PST
the san francisco bank of america branch on november 7th is believed by police to be 36-year-old senior sheriff's deputy phillip chung tong. he earns between 79 and 1 hun thousand tlrs a year. he was arrested this morning after investigators went to his specific home last night. >> also a search warrant for his arrest also issued. >> a ktvu investigation of tong's background today turned up a significant string of creditors and later as co-owner of a san bruno gun shop. a woman filed a civil suit against tong last year claiming he was not selling her guns as promised. tong countered that the plaintiff owed him money for firearms he helped sell. >> i don't have information as far as weapons being sold from us or any background on what he did before. >> other documents we uncovered indicate tg holds assets of about $50,077,000 but is more than $7 hun thousand in debt, including $80,000 owed to a former business partner he worked with at san francisco hybrid farms. tong filed for bankruptcy in july. tong could face as much as eight years in state prison if found guilty of the charges. >> w
Oct 31, 2012 6:00pm PDT
devastated . >> reporter: the thousand mile wide storm america's biggest ever left tens of thousands essentially homeless. national guard troops still rescuing the displaced. >> telling us two days before power here and i lot of the first floor. >> reporter: surreal scenes in new york stanton island a boat washed onto a street. in manhattan flooded underpasses looking like still this house caught on fire as floodwaters dropped and power came on sparking a gas leak. owners returned to damaged homes and businesses. >> makes you want to cry because it's just something you never expected to see and you work so hard for. >> reporter: homeowners in new york's breezy point neighborhood returned to what's left of their homes. 11 home burned to the ground after winds snapped power lines. some said they were lucky, insurance covers fire damage but almost nobody had flood insurance. reporting live. john fowler. ktvu. >> the storm that sent wave across the east coast is being felt by relief agency offices in the bay area. fema's area 9 is head quartered here in oakland. so far a ten person te
Nov 20, 2012 6:00pm PST
by healthcare corporation of america. the other eight are sutter hospitals. nurses say the last offer has been on the table now for the past four months. the key issues are healthcare for part timers, sick days off and lower pay for new hires. >> crews are working to contain any fuel spill by a small plane that crashed into a harsh today. the cessna landed a mile southeast of the airport located at 400 smith ranch road this morning. investigators say engine problems are likely the cause of the crash. the pilot walked away with minor injuries. >> a fatal crash snarled traffic on interstate 80 this afternoon. a woman was ejected from one of two cars involved in the crash and pronounced dead on the scene. the collision happened just west of the offramp to willow avenue. you can see the backup in this video. officer blocked all eastbound lanes except for the far left lane while they investigated and cleaned up that accident site. >> the man suspected of killing a fellow hells angel member -- he's accused of shooting steve tausen. they were at the funeral of another club member. ruiz is scheduled t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3